Five Tips to Working Smarter

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Five Tips to Working Smarter

Direct sales seemed to be a better approach to connecting with people interested in purchasing products. There were many challenges through the start of the pandemic because the way people approached shopping and going to stores significantly changed. Through lockdowns and curfews, people were not leaving their homes as much as they did in the past. Companies and businesses started focusing on getting their staff to work remotely, which was supposed to allow them to meet deadlines while keeping everyone safe through the pandemic.

Here are some tips to change the marketing approaches you might have been using to get through the process. 

Tip #1: Keep a distraction-free zone
Putting your phone on airplane mode or “do not disturb” for 30-minute increments can increase productivity. You want to make sure you get through the tasks that you set up instead of constantly procrastinating and getting distracted. There are various approaches including creating a priority list and focusing on one thing at a time. 

Tip #2: Work in sessions and take breaks to prevent burnout
A method called the “Pomodoro Technique” recommends 20-25 minutes of work followed by 5-10 minutes of mental rest and light physical activity. While many think they would be able to get through longer tasks and there might be some exceptions to the rule. Taking breaks between work increases productivity when you are getting through the same tasks.

Tip #3: Outsource
Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and find someone whose strength is your weakness! This will help you achieve more in less time while maintaining quality. Often, everyone is trying to do everything, and there are tasks that you might not be the best at but have to handle. When companies begin, they usually have moments where the core team would have to work on everything instead of passing it on to others. However, eventually, they should start delegating new departments which makes coordinating those tasks easier and faster. It would also create more time in a schedule to get through processes.

Tip #4: The six goals rule - keep your expectations realistic
Work every day until those six goals are hit rather than overwhelming yourself with 20 goals and only finishing half of them. You would be in a better position to focus and have enough brain space to tackle the rest as soon as you finish. 

Tip #5: Plan using the Eisenhower Box
This time management and prioritization strategy has helped people across the globe by breaking down large to-do lists into smaller sectors based on urgency and importance, which helps maximize time productivity by minimizing the waste of energy on small menial tasks.

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