Monday Checklist To Guarantee Success

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Monday Checklist To Guarantee Success

How do you survive Mondays? Well, we know that most of us are not happy about returning to work or school after the weekend break. After two days of freedom and enjoyment, Monday’s morning seems very difficult to wake up to.

At Synergy Manhattan, we understand your challenges and would like to change all your reasons for hating Monday. We’ve created a handy checklist to help beat the Monday blues and get you all charged up and ready for the week. Follow our simple checklist religiously so that you’re fully rested and recharged to tackle every Monday morning!

1. Don’t touch the snooze
Sometimes good habits take massive action. You probably allowed yourself some extra sleep over the weekend, which is fine. But don’t let that morning “laziness” bleed into your week. Make a commitment to not touch that snooze button on Mondays to reset back to the early morning habit that may have been lost over the weekend.

2. Exercise first thing Monday morning
Starting your week off with sweat is a game changer! There is no better time than a Monday morning to let your body know right off the bat how important discipline is going to be in the coming week’s strategy.

3. Get your grocery shopping done
I hate grocery shopping as much as you probably do. But, I also know if I don’t do it on Monday, I’ll be ordering meat lovers pizza Tuesday to Thursday night for dinner. The earlier you fill that fridge with healthy choices, the more positive meals you’ll consume and the happier you will be in the end.

4. Reflect on last week, measure improvement areas, and set goals
What got you to where you are today will not get you to where you want to go. Duh, everyone knows that. But, the best way to know what you need to change to continue improving is to deeply reflect on how your previous week’s actions and results were. Are you happy with how your week turned out? What went really well? What didn’t go so well? What did you learn? Answer these questions, create goals for this week, write them down, and hold yourself accountable.

5. Review your monthly and yearly goals
If you don’t have specific, measurable goals, you will wander through life, being constantly distracted and thrown off course by the hectic world we live in. I recommend reverse engineering your yearly goals down into monthly goals to give you more manageable action items to build on. Use Mondays to review the monthly goals to help you create your weekly action plan. Discipline to this habit will guarantee big-time goal crushing come to the end of the year.

6. Remember how good you have it
I hear way too many people moan and complain about “THE MONDAYS.” If you’re miserable on Mondays (or any other day for that matter), I’d recommend making some major career changes. Use Mondays to consistently analyze whether or not you’re doing what you love. Secondly, step back with some gratitude and think about how good you really have it. You have one life to live, don’t waste it.

7. Schedule the things you know you should do this week but will likely put off
Lots of times, we have great intentions to do the things we know we should do: Call and check in on grandma, take your significant other on a date night, go to that public speaking course, etc. Don’t trust your future self to make the right decision and actually follow through. Whether paying for the class ahead of time or texting to schedule the phone call, do the things on Monday that will commit yourself to future action.

8. Come out swinging
Put your flag in the ground as early as possible in the week to let yourself and everyone else know that you mean business. Wake up sprinting. Don’t allow yourself to ramp-up time for the week. It’s go time!

9. Look in the mirror
I highly recommend using Mondays to be harder on yourself than you usually are. The mental attitude that you put yourself in early in the week will set the tone for what is to come. Look yourself in the mirror every Monday and remind yourself that everything in your life is a direct result of your decisions. You are in 100% control and can accomplish as much or as little as you decide!

If you’re looking for healthier and charging tips to start off your week, then reach out to Synergy Manhattan. We are a leading marketing firm in New York, known for our team-centric approach, and all our direct sales and marketing associates are well trained and are given enough time to improve themselves. Our clients offer a better understanding of their business, provide access to unbiased advice, and help them in areas that need improvement so that their brand image performs well in the market.

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